Privacy Policy

Personal Information

R2Mail2 is developed and maintained by rundQuadrat OG, Mariahilfer Straße 61/1/11 1060 Vienna. For more detailed information please visit or

Version Information

This is Version 1.0 published on February 7th 2017.

Android Permissions Required

R2Mail2 requests the following permissions during the installation process or on first use (> Android 6.0):

  • Full Internet Access – required to send and receive emails
  • Modify/Delete SD card content – required to access the private key store, download attachments and to write logfiles
  • Read Contacts – required to suggest email addresses from your contacts
  • Network State – required to check if an internet connection is present (otherwise push-mail-service is unable to function)
  • Vibrate – required for notification purposes
  • WakeLock – to allow service to check mails in background

Accessed Personal Data

R2Mail2 accesses the contact information for the same reason. If you choose to display contact pictures or names in your message list, your contacts-data is searched for sender e-mail addresses to retrieve this information.

Locally Stored Data

In addition to the e-mail data retrieved within the application R2Mail2 does store e-mail addresses of recipients you are sending mails to, to provide you with suggestions of e-mail addresses while writing new messages.

Data Processing

Personal data collected is only stored and processed within the app-storage (as a local device database or files) and never disclosed or submitted to rundQuadrat, or any other third party, in any way.

Deletion of collected Data

You can delete all collected data (including all collected e-mail addresses) anytime by using the following option: Preferences -> Application Settings -> General -> “Clear recent contacts”.

Logging Information

R2Mail2 generates a logfile which can contains personal or sensible data (i.e. e-mail addresses, hostnames, timestamps when you sent email, …) for support purposes. Passwords or other security sensible data is never written to the logfile. This logfile is located on your sd-card at /Android/data/ This data is never automatically disclosed to rundQuadrat or any other third party. The file is limited to 1 MB of data and deletes older versions automatically. You can delete the logfile at anytime without restricting the functionality of the app.

If you use the “Report Error” functionality the latest logfile is attached to the opened e-mail. You can remove this attachment manually. By sending this data you agree that rundQuadrat may access this data for support purposes. rundQuadrat will never disclose the data to any other third party and will only use this information for your support. After a support case is closed all data will be deleted.