This article shows upcoming features and release notes!

Upcoming Features:

  • Android 8 support
  • Swipe Actions in message list

To request new features please send us an e-mail to android [at] rundquadrat [dot] at

Release Notes (Version 2.40):

  • New Security Settings
    • Key Selection Schema (all, newest, longest validity)
    • Disable certificate import on reply
  • New Features (enable in Features Settings)
    • Camera Integration
    • Encrypted Gallery
    • Notes

Release Notes (Version 2.31):

  • Ability to make screenshots can be enabled in misc settings
  • Fixed SSL cipher issue after Android upgrade
  • Fix bug in SSL server certificate validation. Now keyusage is correctly checked according to the used cipher
  • Workaround to open PDF with Adobe Reader directly

Release Notes (Version 2.30):

  • Fixed POP3 connection without SSL

Release Notes (Version 2.29):

  • IMAP mailbox list improvments for very large lists
  • Certificate Store Option ‘Write PGP Files’ for corrupted PGP stores
  • PGP Protected Headers
  • User PGP/MIME as default
  • Keep encryption standard on reply and forward
  • Library updates
  • Fixed import of PGP keys without username
  • New info dialog for signature and encryption
  • Images can be compressed before sending
  • Android 6 support
  • New synchronisation settings (disable QRESYNC, battery saving, …)
  • Display Demo info only once per start
  • Bugfixes

Release Notes (Version 2.18):

  • New notification Feature – notify on every new mail
  • New wipe-password which deletes everything if entered instead of master-password
  • Language problem should be fixed
  • Bugfixes

Release Notes (Version 2.17):

  • Fixed starting issues without masterpass

Release Notes (Version 2.16):

  • Link are opened in browser again
  • ReplyTo can be set in ‘Advanced Settings->Other’
  • Message are marked read on open (Exchange)
  • Bugfixes

Release Notes (Version 2.14):

  • Widget icon works for smart inbox
  • PEM import works again
  • Better error message on SSL Handshake error (caused by weak cihpers)
  • Network state changes no longer cause immediate mailbox refresh
  • S/MIME encryption now use SKI and Issuer/Serial rcpt info
  • PGP Keys without keyusage and DSA or ElGamal keys are now recognized for signing (reimport necessary)
  • Attachments added through ‘share’ function don’t cause crashes
  • Try to fix issues with Exchange

Release Notes (Version 2.12):

  • QRESYNC Support for IMAP
  • Exchange error messages displayed correctly
  • CA Certificate can be deleted and moved
  • Previous/Next message buttons now respect threads
  • S/MIME issuer certs are evaluated correctly

Release Notes (Version 2.10):

  • Local Folder are clickable again
  • Option to disable message mark as read on open (Misc)
  • Account colors are now displayed correctly
  • Orientation changes on tablet work correctly
  • S/MIME enveloped signed messages (like Outlook creates them) are correctly displayed
  • MasterPassword-Cache-Icon should not be displayed if no password is set

Release Notes (Version 2.08):

  • Folder delimiter ‘\’ work again
  • Certificate without extensions can be parsed again
  • Folders not shown after update should be displayed again
  • Fixed multiple crashes

Release Notes (Version 2.06):

  • Complete UI redesign
  • PGP text signature verification fixed
  • Improved folder subscriptions
  • Public Keys / Certificates can be exported an sent
  • PGP ECC Key Support
  • Many bugfixes

Release Notes (Version 1.51 – 1.54):

  • Widgets (needs reboot on some phones)
  • Reply, forward flags are set on server
  • Key passwords can now be cached with storing them permanently
  • Address chips in composer can now be edited by long-click
  • Attachment open as file from SD alternative (Misc)
  • Drafts without Rcpts are now encrypted
  • AdvAccountSetting to choose singer cert if multiple appropriate
  • Fixed ‘invalid character’ issue in Exchange
  • Fixed issues while moving message on IMAP
  • Fixed crashes using POP on pure conn.

Release Notes (Version 1.48 – 1.50):

  • Encoding fixes
  • PGP/MIME fix for Exchange
  • CRAM-MD5 fix
  • Performance improvments
  • Bugfixes

Release Notes (Version 1.45 – 1.47):

  • Redesign of IMAP IDLE and other Mail-Services for more stability
  • Subscribed folders can now be “bookmarked” on Account Screen and can be included in Pushmail sync
  • KeyServers can be enabled/disabled
  • Security Improvments in SSL (please check your account settings if they still work)
  • ‘Trust Until Change’ for SSL connections
  • PGP subkeys only import possible
  • EHLO hostname fix for IPv6
  • Links can now be clicked again

Release Notes (Version 1.42 – 1.44):

  • Some fixes in email parsing
  • Avoid some bad html tracking tags (thanks Lubomir)
  • Fix LED Color “None”
  • If no internet connection exists email will be sent as soon as you get connected
  • Reorder Accounts
  • Fixed double MasterPassword calls
  • Recipient Based Security Rules (KeyStore->Security Rule Viewer)

Release Notes (Version 1.37 – 1.41):

  • UI Fixes – multiple layers, shadows fragments
  • Quotes \”>\” are displayed as colored blockquote
  • Fixed problem while deleting message from unified inbox
  • Unread message count is now correct
  • All notifications are redesigned and contains more information
  • New setting to keep selection of messages after action or not
  • Mulipart messages are now displayed correctly
  • SSL Cipher Suites could be selected to avoid poor ciphers suggested by server
  • Fixed address encoding issues
  • Fix for new PRNG – if /dev/urandom is not accessible the default PRNG is used and a warning is shown
  • Account colors for SmartInbox can be set through Advanced Settings
  • Bugfixes

Release Notes (Version 1.35):

  • Misc switches for signature after quote, quote info, download remote content
  • Fixed crashes caused by connection interruption
  • Sent date for exchange messages is now correct
  • Fixed PGP message encoding issues
  • File selector has extension filter to better select your import key
  • Recent and unread counts are hopefully fixed
  • Previous/next buttons in message view (Settings->Misc to enable)
  • PGP file de/encryptor – also handling *.pgp attachments
  • Option to hide notification icon for masterpass
  • Workaround for multiple attachments with same name
  • Stop extensive mails check on peak start time
  • Automatically encrypt pgp message during reply if original msg was encrypted

Release Notes (Version 1.34):

  • Fixed display remote content
  • Fixed display errors in message list
  • Russian transalation by Vladimir Kuznetsov
  • Language can be set different to phone default


Release Notes (Version 1.30-1.33):

  • Tablet Imrovments
  • MasterPassword notification
  • Bugfixes

Release Notes (Version 1.29):

  • Threaded View changed to improve speed
  • Master Password now must be entered if app opens
  • Cleanup Interval can be set and automatically empty trash option
  • New Settings to customize behavior:¬† don’t ask on delete etc.

Release Notes (Version 1.28):

  • Fixed ‘out of memory’ crash when sending large messages
  • Option to shutdown all background activities on exit

Release Notes (Version 1.27):

  • HTML Signatures
  • POP3 Improvements
  • En-/Disable Background Sync for all Accounts
  • Set custom Subject-Reply-Prefix

Release Notes (Version 1.24-1.26):

  • Move to Trash on Delete
  • Move Messages in Background

Release Notes (Version 1.23):

  • Smart/Combined/Unified Inbox
  • SecureSD Card support for key storage (not public atm)
  • Search Filter for KeyServer
  • ical meeting request support (beta)
  • Move Sync-Setting to account
  • Wipe Data after 10 failed attempt to enter master password
  • Start On Boot
  • BugFixes

Release Notes (Version 1.20):

  • Threaded/Conversation View
  • AutoSearch for Keys during encryption
  • Recipient Buttons: Add-Contact, …
  • BugFixes

Release Notes (Version 1.18):

  • Exchange BETA
  • KeyServer Support for LDAP and HKP
  • Save Messages as EML to SD Card
  • PGP Mime Support

Release Notes (Version 1.15 – 1.17):

  • Auto-Bcc can be set in Advanced Settings
  • Conversation can be viewed (improvement to threaded view is in progress)
  • Add Attachments from other apps (Gallery, …)
  • Option to allow self-signed certificates (Security Settings)

Release Notes (Version 1.12 – 1.14):

  • Folder which are not subscribed are refreshed on open
  • IMAP Base folder can be set in Advanced Account settings
  • Fixed cleanup issues
  • Fixed UTF-8 encoding issues
  • Bugfixes

Release Notes (Version 1.11):

  • Complete new Design with tablet layouts etc.
  • Advanced account settings to add aliases, led notification, create or delete folder,…
  • PGP key Viewer
  • Multiselection for messages

Release Notes (Version 1.01):

  • Improvements in IMAP synchronization – now sync is 100 times faster (thanks joachim)
  • Improvements¬† for large IMAP folders 14k+ mails are possible (thanks douglas)
  • PGP/MIME encrypted messages can be read
  • Fixed issue which prevent user from delete stored passwords
  • Activate Licensing

Release Notes (Version 1.00):

  • New notification system (click opens folder and notification disappear if new messages are read on server)
  • Fix for folders with “[” or “]”
  • Activate Licensing

Release Notes (Version 0.981):

  • More notification settings – choose LED color
  • Battery usage improvements for pushmail
  • Bugfixes